XML in Office 2003: Example Files

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Chapter 4: Creating and editing XML documents

File nameTypeDescription
article.xmlArticleMLDoug Jones' article document
article.xsdXSDLSchema for article documents
article.docWord (no XML)Doug Jones' article document, before being marked up
article struct.docWord (with XML)Skeleton document for articles
newsletter temp.docNewsletterMLNewsletter skeleton document
newsletter.xsdXSDLSchema for newsletter documents

Chapter 5: Rendering and presenting XML documents

File nameTypeDescription
minimal WordML.xmlWordMLMinimal example
article.docWord (no XML)Doug Jones' article document, before being marked up
article WordML.xmlWordMLDoug Jones' article saved as WordML
Article List.xmlWordMLExample of using lists in WordML
Sales Table.xmlWordMLExample of using tables in WordML
Sales Link.xmlWordMLExample of using links in WordML
article data and WordML.xml WordML/ArticleMLDoug Jones' article saved as mixed WordML/ArticleML
article_view.xslXSLTStylesheet to ArticleML to WordML

Chapter 6: Using external XML data in documents

File nameTypeDescription
letter.xmlLetterMLDea Merchant's letter
letter.xsdXSDLLetter schema
problem_para.xmlLetterMLParagraph to be inserted into letter
letter insert.docWord/LetterMLDocument that inserts fragments
customers.xmlCustomerMLCustomer lookup document
letter query.docWord/LetterMLDocument that queries an external XML document
letter ws.docWord/LetterMLDocument that calls a Web service

Chapter 7: Using XML data in spreadsheets

File nameTypeDescription
expenses.xlsExcelExpense report worksheet, unmapped
expenses.xmlExpenseMLSample expense report
expenses.xsdXSDLExpense report schema
expenses exported.xmlExpenseMLSample exported from worksheet
new expenses.xmlExpenseMLSample imported into worksheet
raw data\*.xmlExpenseMLMultiple expense reports imported to show flattening
expense data analysis.xlsExcelWorksheet demonstrating flattening and analysis
expenses modified.xmlalternate expense MLSample expense report with alternate structure
expenses XMLSS.xmlXMLSSWorksheet saved as XMLSS

Chapter 8: Using Web services with spreadsheets

File nameTypeDescription
stock quotes.xlsExcelFinished stock quote worksheet
stock quotes start.xlsExcelStarting point for stock quote worksheet
sampledata.xmlXML (output of ws)Sample output of stock quote Web service
refresh_quotes.txtVBAStock quote macro code
currency converter.xlsExcelFinished currency converter worksheet
currency converter start.xlsExcelStarting point for currency converter worksheet
refresh_currency.txtVBACurrency converter macro code

Chapter 9: Designing and using forms

Note: InfoPath forms (files with the .xsn extension) cannot be opened by double-clicking. They must be opened in Design Mode. To do this, click Design a form on the main InfoPath task pane, then click On My Computer and choose the file.

File nameTypeDescription
order.xsnInfoPathOrder form
order1001.xmlOrderMLSaved XML document
order.mdbAccessDatabase source for order_dbsource.xsn
order_dbsource.xsnInfoPathForm that queries a database
marketsummary.xsnInfoPathForm that calls a Web service

Chapter 10: Using scripts with forms

File nameTypeDescription
order_scripts.xsnInfoPathOrder form with validation scripts

Chapter 11: Using secondary data sources with forms

File nameTypeDescription
catalog.xmlCatalog XMLExternal product catalog in XML
catalog.mdbAccessExternal product catalog in Access
order_xml.xsnInfoPathForm that queries a secondary XML document
order_db.xsnInfoPathForm that queries a secondary database
order_ws.xsnInfoPathForm that calls a secondary Web service

Chapter 12: Access databases and XML

File nameTypeDescription
order.mdbAccessOrder database
ORDERS.xmlAccess XMLExported ORDERS table
ORDERS.xsdXSDLSchema for exported ORDERS table
ORDERS all tables.xmlAccess XMLExported three tables
ORDERS all tables.xsdXSDLSchema for exported three tables
ORDERS WITH MENS DEPT ITEMS.xsdXSDLSchema for exported query
order diff structure.xmlalternate order MLAlternate order structure
order transform for export.xslXSLTStylesheet to transform ORDERS to alternative structure
order transform for import.xslXSLTStylesheet to transform alternative structure to ORDERS

Chapter 13: Publishing XML to the Web with FrontPage

File nameTypeDescription
sample expense report.xmlExpenseMLSample expense report
sample article.xmlArticleMLSample article

Chapter 14: Developing Office XML applications

File nameTypeDescription
letter_smart.docWord/LetterMLSmart document example document
letter_manifest.xmlManifestSmart document solution manifest
LetterSample.vbpVBVisual Basic project
LetterSample.vbwVBVisual Basic workspace
clsActions.clsVBVisual Basic class source code
LetterSample.dllVBSmart document DLL
LetterSample.libVBSmart document LIB file
LetterSample.expVBSmart document EXP file
problem_para.xmlLetterMLExternal XML document fragment
customers.xmlCustomerMLCustomer lookup file
letter.xsdXSDLLetter schema
zipsmarttag.xmlMOSTLSmart tag list for ZIP codes

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